Glass & Window


 Traditional Window Cleaning & Ionic Pole Systems

In addition to the standard glass cleaning services of street level and abseiling based cleaning, we offer an ionic pole wash service.  Using deionised water our pole systems allow high level glass, awnings and claddings to be cleaned from the safety of the ground. This offers significant time and cost savings in situations where ladders or mechanical equipment has been traditionally used to gain access. It allows areas to be cleaned that might otherwise be considered too hard or too expensive to undertake. The unique purified water system leaves glass repelling dirt longer than conventional methods. We have also worked with the latest eco glass system that require specialist handling.


  • High access & street level frontages
  • Awnings
  • Eco Glass
  • Signage



Internal High Level Pole System

Our internal high level pole system uses a light mist of deionized water and micro fibre pads to clean internal high level glass, walls and screens from the safety of the ground.


Hydraulic Platforms

Suspenders Cleaning utilises a variety of  access equipment from lorry mounted hydraulic platforms to small scissor lifts and cherry pickers.



Rope Access

Our fully certified team of rope access specialists are available for window and building cleans plus installation and certification of building rope access points. 



"We Clean From Top to Bottom"